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Jul. 29th, 2005

The suggestions I've gotten are great. Not a single question, which is sort of surprising in a pleasant way. Feel free to suggest more, I love the input. I'm going to try to get working on some of them soonly, but it's hard to set up a time frame when events pop up.. such as today.

Last night Weezie apparently snuck out, though the plans were to have her be an indoor cat since bad (expensive) things sometimes happen when cats go outside. She was found this morning on the porch, with a limp and sad wail. My mother was able to get her into the vet today, but she had to get some one to watch my cousin's baby, which got to be me.

It was going well, and it seemed like mum should have been returning any second. Baby was happy and giggling the whole time, and then it happened. The biggest stinkiest baby crap ever. I had to tear the house apart trying to find more baby wipes before I dared to unleash the diaper, all the while he was crawling around making sure the doodie was mooshed into all his cracks and crevasses.
But first: these messages
After I triple bagged the dump, and just as I was washing my hands, my mother returned.
Great timing.

Turns out Weezie probably broke her leg from either falling or getting caught in something and squirmed to get out. Since we live in a podunk town and go to a podunk vet, he didn't have an X-Ray to figure if it was broke or sprained, nor a splint for that part of the leg. He said we'd have to go to an orthopedic vet person and get it surgically repaired ($$$$) or maybe it would heal fine on it's own. No good pain meds for kitties either, but even if there were it'd be bad to give them to her cause she'd probably use the leg and mess it up more =(

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