Way too long for even me to read

Jul. 31st, 2005

Alright, I've got many points to cover in this post, so I'm going to outline them first so I don't forget as I go.

- I should stop caring what the hell people think
- More reasons why
- Something else that made me mad
- Something sadly funny happened
- Other cool things

Okays, so I've sort of mentioned that I go to yard sales, but then some interweb people gave me shit about it so I sort of hushed up about it because I felt like a leper for purchasing used stuff from strangers.  But you know what, screw you! Where the hell else am I going to find cheap old video game stuff, like today I got an NES with 11 games and the Power Pad for $5. For those of you who aren't Nintendo-wise, the Power Pad is sort of a large mat that you can do stuff with your feet with, such as run in place and race and stuff. Yes, I know I'm risking getting foot cooties from that stranger, but that's life.

Yard sales have a certain voyeuresqueness to them. I usually don't spend more than $10 a week on all the goodies I find, but I certainly get more than ten bucks worth of entertainment out of the experience. How often do you get invited into a strangers yard, garage, or home and find out what stuff they believe is junk to them, but sellable to some one else. There's quite a bit of skill involved picking through the over priced broken bull shit trying to find the goodies.

They're also one of the few social outings I have. I actually have to talk to people and stuff, my mother claims this is "good" for me. At this one yard sale today, this lady told us as soon as we came arrived that everything was half off, except for the rabbit cage.. which was about 1.5'x1.5'x1.5' and full of partly used rabbit supplies. It looked unused, which meant that the poor bunny they had was only tortured in the tiny prison for a little while. I told her I wasn't interested in the rabbit cage as my rabbits are not caged, trying my best to be snide about it. Even negative interaction is better than none at all (for a hermit).

I'm not always a jerk to people though. At this one sale (also today) there was a Sunbeam Model T 20 Toaster, an amazingly well engineered machine that I was already quite familiar with when I picked it up. It magically lowers the toast on its own, and raises it up slowly when it's done, and toasts in about half the time as other toasters. It was only $1, but I still wanted to know if it worked, so I asked the man running the sale if it did. He insisted that his wife get him a piece of bread to test the toaster as he held it. I kept telling him it was fine, that his word that it worked was enough, but he was old and it's strange telling old people what to do. So I cringed as I watched him hold the toaster as he put the toast in. Just a couple of weeks earlier my dad had burnt their kitchen table fiddle dicking around with a model T20 toaster.. they get real hot real quick. I don't think he burnt himself too badly.
I guess that's not a good example of me not being a jerk, I tried though!
Way too long for even me to read
See.. I told you I had much to say. The other cool stuff: thanks to a interweb acquaintance, I've found out that my breadcrab has been published in another UK magazine, PC Zone.

So in summary: Screw you all, I love yard sales.

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