My life in vidya games (decade 1 of 3)

Aug. 1st, 2005

The suggestions I got were quite helpful. One of them was that I should go back to the schedule I sort of jokingly proposed way back when..  It sort of insured that the topics didn't stagnate around Weezie the cat (who is doing much better), but it had 3 days of the week dedicated to video game related things (which was the joking part, since video game related comics are "all the rage"). I'm going to shoot for one day of video game discussion a week instead. So here goes..

When I was born in 1981 I was lucky enough to be brought into a home that already had a console, a Magnvox Odyssey 2. It was a silvery system with a keyboard on it, which didn't really matter to me that much as I did not know what the mysterious letters meant. I did soon learn how to insert a cartridge and wiggle the joystick. The best game we had was called Showdown in the year 2100 A.D. Basically it was two guys, trees, and shooting. Great fun.

It was only a couple years that I suffered as an exclusive console gamer, for in 1984 (or was it 85?) my grandparents bought us a Tandy 1000ex for Christmas. I learned the DOS command DIR and was immediately deemed the household's computer goto person. Apparently back in those days it was perfectly fine for computer stores to copy games onto floppies (I'm thinking not too legally) and sell them to people for cheap, so we had oodles of games for it.  The only games we had that were name brand in box  were "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" and "Marble Madness".
They were okay, but my favorite was a game that was called "Bye Bye Borris", it was sort of a board game where you're in the USSR trying to collect as many items as possible to escape to the  United states before the KGB gets you. I always ended up having to join the Olympic hockey team and lose the game. It was shareware too, I don't know if the word had even been coined at the time, but there was nag screen that would mention how it wasn't the full version and if you wanted to play more you had to pay. We also had an early Tetris clone that my parents played quite a bit.

It was a couple years after the NES was released that we purchased one, they were expensive so it took a lot of nagging by us kids to get one. We only had the Mario/Duckhunt cartridge for a very long time. When my dad beat the game he had us take a picture of the TV screen with the Princess saying her thing to Mario... I think that picture is still around some where.
My life in vidya games (decade 1 of 3)
Then we got Dr. Mario.. my parents played it way too much, and argued and got pissed off at each other over it.

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