Pet news day

Aug. 2nd, 2005

Mookie is addicted to Cheerios, or rather an off brand type of them called Crispy Oats. She sends me subliminal signals to feed them to her, standing up and looking at me all pudgy and wanting, and I give in.
Pet news day
When I reach in to hand in to give it to her, her nostrils flare in anticipation, she snatches the O with her mouth, scrunches up and backs away in some sort of hording technique, and munches away. Then when she's done her head lifts eagerly and she gives me the look that says "You know one of those just isn't enough".

Weezie's doing great. Although her leg does still seem to be messed up a bit, it's not interfering with her ability to run full speed through the house carrying random small objects.

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