Sweatiness Ensues

Aug. 3rd, 2005

Wednesday, according to the original schedule was supposed to be reserved for the discussion of the implications of playing video games and having boobs. Instead it's going to be food related, since eating is something I tend to do.

I'm amazed at the longevity of the mulberry season, most fruit is only ripe for a few weeks at best, but the mulberries keep coming. I harvested and frozen quite a few mulberries already. Unfortunately mulberries don't make a very good pie on their own, and have to be mixed with rhubarb which I underestimated the amount I have. I have to ration what's left for both strawberry rhubarb and mulberry pies. So even though the mulberries are very easy pickin', I'm forced to watch them ripen and rot.

Blackberries have come into season. There's a huge (probably around an acre) untamed bramble patch that I pick them in. Blackberries are one of my least favorite berries to pick, right next to dewberries which are luckily some what scarce in the area. The blackberry bramble attacks you in several ways. It has big thorns that stab, little thorns that dig in like slivers, and even thorns on the leaves. Even though it's super hot, you've got to wear a long sleeved shirt to protect yourself from the various thorns, and bugs. Mosquitoes, deer flies, and horse flies all seem to love sitting on the berries and sucking the juice on them.. or maybe they're just waiting for some warm blooded creature to come eat some. Either way, they're another prong of the blackberries' attack method.
Sweatiness Ensues
There's also fearsome woodchucks roaming about.

Here's a really great guide to summer berries. Mother Earth News rocks.

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