Death and sammiches

Aug. 11th, 2005

A close friend of the family passed away. I wasn't close to him, but I still feel bad about it. What made me feel even worse was how excited I got when I found out my mom was making her version of the cuban sandwich to take over to his family and I would get to partake in the tastiness. Yep, I'm a jerk who gets more happy about a sandwich than sad about a death. I suck, but anyway...I know that the this isn't the "official" way to make one, since it's supposed to be a pressed sandwich with different meats on it and stuff, but this is a quite tasty variation.

Death and sammiches
1. French or Italian bread, cut in half, apply butter, then mayonnaise (yes both, it's key) to the inside, and grill the buttered/mayo'd sides until some golden tastiness appears
2. Dill pickles, sliced razor thin. I use a potato peeler to do it. They should be thin enough that they're almost translucent. I pretty much hate dill pickles, but a single layer of them is required
3. Mustard.. I hate mustard too, but it's also required
4. Mozzarella cheese.. Uh.. now that I think about it, it should actually be applied directly to the top or bottom bread half so that it melts some. Really the order you put the sandwich together doesn't matter, except the cheese since it needs to melt.
5. Roast beef or roast pork, cooled and sliced thin
6. Hard salami

Since as stated, you need the heat of the bread to melt the cheese, make sure you have all other ingredients cut and ready to go before you grill the bread.

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