+5 to gold

Aug. 20th, 2005

I've been getting a lot of hot deals on video games and consoles this weekend, slowly filling in the gaps of classic gaming systems that we own. There was this guy who was having a yard sale that seemed to be in his early to mid thirties, hunched over, slightly balding, nerdoid glasses. From the items that were out for sale you could tell that his contact with females was quite limited.
I approached a box containing a Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and some games, and he came and explained to me what it was.  I displayed some knowledge of the products, and he immediately offered to give them both to me for $5, even though he wanted to get $5 for each of the systems. I said that was very kind of him and that I would enjoy playing his fun games.
As I walked away, video games in hand, I heard with quite the tone of excitement..
"So, you're one of those.. GAMER girls, huh?"
+5 to gold
I think I was a tad stunned by this, I pretended I didn't hear him and kept walking. It wasn't until we'd driven off that some sort of scenario of this guy's life started to form in my head. He was probably selling some of his excess goodies to pay for his monthly MMORPG subscriptions. Having some girl come to his yard sale seeking out vintage gaming stuff could have been like spotting some rare and wonderful unicorn to him, a moment he will cherish forever.

I'm not too awful creeped out by this, we both seemed to have benifited from the transaction.. but something else did happen that was seriously disturbing. I didn't wash my hair. I took a shower, but just didn't bother to scrub the ol' mane down. It must have been because of the extra shiny grease luster that I received several comments (while out 'saling')  about how lovely my hair was. One lady even demanded to touch it. AGH! At least no one suggested that I harvest and donate it. I'm thinking if I get a hair cut (as creepy as it sounds) I'm going to keep the hair for my own crafting purposes.

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