half of the prophecy has been fufilled!

Aug. 22nd, 2005

So.. about a year ago, my parents were having problems with people on their trails in their backyard that are right next to the school... I suggested they put up signs and wasted my time making them.

School football season has started up again, and apparently they have not provided the players with any sort of facilities. During practice the coach sends the players down to my parents' back yard for their relieving needs.
half of the prophecy has been fufilled!
And there is apparently POOP all over the trails, with little white toilet paper flags to mark where it is. As I said when my signs were scoffed at.. "I hope some one takes a shit on the trails and she [my mother] steps in it". Well, all she has to do now is step in it.

They do agree with me now that they should put signs up if they don't want people poop in their back yard. Funny, the wording that my dad wanted to use on the sign was almost exactly like mine, only he wanted to have "no masturbation" put in there too. I'm willing to bet it never happens though, because my mom wants to be super sleuth and catch people walking on the trails. Then what, tell them to leave? Too bad they already left a dook next to the garden where you eat food from, or some where it can be stepped in and track E coli all over the place.

The coach must know it's not school property though, and some one must be supplying them with toilet paper.. I think it's really irresponsible of him, and not just because I'm a "jock hater". I think some one should take a shit in his yard! Oh by the way, there's poison ivy growing on that hill near the weeping willow tree (where a pile was found), hope you didn't get any on your scrotum!

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