Wow, creepy.

Sep. 8th, 2005

Where to start..and how to make it short and make sense.. hrm...

For some reason some one came into one of my IRC channels (for my attempt at a half life mod) and started saying all sorts of wacky things. Turns out he was some one's brother that I sort of know (he idles in the same channel this happened in).
The topic of me needing money for glasses came up, and he CLAIMED that he'd send me real actual factual money (I believe the amount was $40) so I gave him my address thinking it was a bluff, and knowing that figuring my address is not much of a challenge. I think he also drew some sort of picture.
Anywho, it's wacky that some one would have a conversation with me for tens of minutes, and then decide to send me money (though his brother seemed to have told him lots about me as he seemed well versed in my works, and who my boyfriend was in the world of gaming).
I'm going to be watching my mailbox VERY carefully.
Wow, creepy.
Some counter-stalking has been done, so if I end up dying from this situation it'll be known who's responsible.

I wonder if that guy who is sending the money is reading this right now.. I really do hope he sent it though.  I already ordered the glasses since I realized if I go to a job interview or try to conquer the world in these emo glasses that I will just be laughed at.

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