The Demon Scroll!

Sep. 9th, 2005

It was while I was out garage saling that I discovered "The Demon Scroll". It had been a pitiful day of finds, and I was leaving yet another sale empty handed when I happened upon a box of stuff by the curb marked with my favorite four letter word, FREE.I dug right in; there was the usual menagerie of broken and useless items, but when I happened upon a roll of overhead projector transparency on a reel I got all giddy, even though it already was full of writing and would need to be scrubbed clean. I've got an overhead projector, they're quite fun and useful.. not that I'm going to be making any presentations.. my plans for it are to make big murals/cut outs with it. Or just to enlarge things for the fun of it!

Like many of the goodies I've gotten this summer, the projector roll (or "The Scroll") has been sitting in a pile of junk, just waiting to be appreciated. Today I unfurled it. The more I unrolled it, the more interesting it got. It must have been from some sort of religious thing, because most of what was on it was about demons, and how humans can't see them unless you're enslaved by the occult.
The Demon Scroll!
Heh.. gave me quite a chuckle. I think it'll be more fun scrubbing clean than I expected.

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