My productivity is through the roof

Sep. 18th, 2005

I decided that today is the day I'm going to get some much needed stuff (mostly cleaning) done. So I went to bed early last night and set my alarm clock so I'd get 8.5 hours of sleep. Hit the snooze alarm a couple times, increasing the amount of sleep I got to almost 9 hours of sleep. Got up, and delivered the final batch of pies to the fruit stand. I could hardly keep my eyes open the whole drive there, so when I got home I decided that maybe I could sleep a tad more. I mean, geeze.. I'd had 9 hours, how much more could I need?
My productivity is through the roof
I ended up sleeping 5 more hours. My pillow is thoroughly soaked with drool. I know they say you can't catch up on sleep you've missed, but I think the sleep gremlin that lives inside of me and dictates the amount of sleep I get has been irked by the 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night I've fed him this week.
All this sleeping has really tired me out though, hopefully I will still get some stuff done today.

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