Because if I didn't label it, you'd think it was a fetus

Sep. 21st, 2005

Well dang, I love final fantasy tactics. It's great playing it again after all these years. My computer chair is all cold from my lack of visiting it. And then it happened.. I acci-fricken-dently erased the memory card. It was one of them there "complex" memory cards that has multiple pages and what not.. and I was trying to do a quick reset via the controller (hitting lots o'buttons at once) as opposed to standing up and hitting the reset button (now I know they're the same buttons that flip the pages in the memory card).. and *poof* gone! Only ten of my hours wasted.. not that they wouldn't have been wasted anyway.. and ten hours of my beau's final fantasy VII game erased too. Ooops!
Was one of those stomach dropping moments in life.
Because if I didn't label it, you'd think it was a fetus
And to sound totally video game cliche... I'D JUST SAVED THE PRINCESS! Yeargh!
If it seems like I'm distant (to those of you who message and such) it's cause of the game..

If only I'd spend as many hours hunting for a job. *laff* 

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