I was shocked

Sep. 26th, 2005

Holy crow! My hosting went down and it looked like they'd cut me off.. but it isn't supposed to expire 'til October 10th I thought... so for now it seems to just be a server burp. feltup.org had an ominous "Domain Parked" page, while all my other domains were erring out, as they continue to do.. For some reason even though they're all hosted on the same package, feltup.org is the only one working at this time.
I was shocked
This is unexpected and not really encouraging renewal, especially since I'm so gosh darn poor.
Time for a money-making-pay-for-hosting scheme.

In the future if the site is down you can go to the livejournal/deadjournal for status.

Dang.. now I've got heartburn.

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