Oh-Em-Gee RAWK.

Sep. 27th, 2005

Day of Defeat Source = Fun Game

I'm not just saying that to try to get all my chums to buy it either. Although the realistic recoil, sites (both the gun type and the scenery kind), and primable grenades are all great..  hands down my favorite thing about it is the class with the knife as the melee weapon. The attack action is a random sampling (with relatively smooth transitions) of stabs, punches with the knifeless hand, and punches with the knived hand, as the knife is one of those types that has some sort of brass-knuckle dealies built in, that's what I call punch++;
Oh-Em-Gee RAWK.
Another nifty part is that much of the furniture can be beaten up. I gleefully ran about maps punching apart tables, chairs, dressers, and the like. It was great fun. In one of the maps there's some counter tops with rolling pins on them. I tried to make pies with them, but no luck.

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