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Sep. 28th, 2005

I'm not sure how it is in other states, but here you are required (or so I was told) to take a foreign language in high school. So I took French. I loved my French teacher, he was smart, witty, and funny. Then one day the police came into the school, cuffed him, and took him away. Some sort of real estate fraud..

Anywho.. The lady who replaced him was a total ditz. I had the feeling that the only reason she became a French teacher was because the only skill she had was being bilingual, and she only had that because she learned French during those critical language learning years.

I was one of those kids in school who got really good grades, but never studied and sometimes didn't do my homework. One day in French class she'd finished up her lesson plan early and told us we could work on our homework that she'd assigned us for the next day (I really hated when teachers gave busywork..).  One girl, a very suck-uppy one, finished and asked if she could work on something for another class. The teacher said that was fine. I eagerly finished up on mine so that I too could work on other things, since I hadn't done my history homework and it was due that day.

But, the teacher did not like this one bit. She came over to my desk and asked what I was doing. I explained that I too had finished my work and was working on another subject. She proceeded to raise her voice, furrow her brow, and tell me that the other girl was allowed to because she got good grades, and that I was "stupid" and I should use the time to study French as I was a "slacker". Slacker I can agree with.. but stupid..  I was absolutely stunned and could say nothing. I'm not even sure what happened the rest of that period, if I went to the bathroom to escape her, or if I stuck it out in shock. Either way, I did spend the rest of the day crying or sniffling in the rest of my classes (seems silly now, but it was an extremely traumatic experience at the time).
She pulled me out in the hall the next day and said that she heard I'd been quite upset the previous day, denied that she used the words she did, basically chewed me out further.. and never apologized. 

I was too timid to take any action in the hall, tell my parents when I got home, or school higher ups.. On the day of the state finals, my final day of French, I wore a special shirt I'd made the night before with iron on letters.
Circa 8 years ago
Luckily the finals were graded by a third party (not her).. I ended up getting a 92 on the test, which is pretty gosh darn good.. for a stupid slacker.

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