Microsoft: Good for Somethin'

Oct. 4th, 2005

Years ago my interweb pal Dave told me that the only good product that Microsoft made was their Natural Keyboards. I dare say, I agree with him. I purchased a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro many moons ago, when they still made it. It's a typical ergonomic keyboard, but unlike other ergo's out there, the keys on the bottom row are honkin' big. I'm talking 1 inch square Alt buttons. For the amount of typing I do, I think I'd be far worse off had I not the split ergonomic-ness.  I do love the hot keys along the top row, even though I have to have an extra Microsoft task running to intercept them.
Microsoft: Good for Somethin'
It's also got two USB ports in the back of it. Since I have several of them that I've picked up for cheap at yard sales, I could probably daisy chain them together and type from the couch.

So that's my salute to my keyboard. Yay keyboard.

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