Holistic bullshit

Oct. 6th, 2005

I get a lot of guff about some of the "new agey" stuff I believe in. One of the things I swear by is nasal douching, or as yoga practitioners call it: Jala Neti.  I used to have constant congestion, sniffles, mouth breathing, was prescribed Flonaze (rhinocort.. the rhino means nose, the cort means steroids), Claritin, and other goodies to try to clear up what I had, with no luck. Even if I wasn't suffering with one of the cold-like diseases that I was constantly getting, I'd have a clogged schnoze.

So now I have this cute little tea pot that fits up my nose.. When ever I'm feeling a little clogged I put two cups of water in it, and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt.. stick it up my nose, tilt my head, and let gravity do the rest.
Holistic bullshit
"Yuck.. Ew.. doesn't it hurt? like when you suck water up your nose in the pool.."
It feels great actually. The salinity (saltiness) is the same as your body, so it doesn't feel at all like the normal water-up-the-nose feeling.

Maybe it's all placebo (I some how doubt that's all it is) but it's great to not be a mouth-breather anymore. It seems like I get colds less often, and when I do they're not nearly as bad.

I found this site on the net about the subject, it's quite extensive (check out the 41 page PDF at the bottom of the page).. I've tried the Sutra Neti listed on the site (nose flossing), but I found the Jala Neti was much more effective/fun for me.

I dare you to try it and say it's not fun.

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