Oct. 7th, 2005

I didn't expect such a response to yesterday's nasal douche post. I thought maybe I should answer the questions I got asked most as well as warn that you should confer with your doctor and such since I don't want anyone breaking their nose holes.
Where does the water go? It goes out the other nostril, or out the mouth (good to clean both passages). You should spend an equal amount of time cleaning each nostril.

And I must emphasize that it's quite important to get the water out as well, if you don't you could end up worse off.  After you've irrigated the nose you should put yourself in a position that your head is upside down. The link I gave yesterday demonstrates the best way to do all this. Unfortunately my felt body is unable to do a standing forward bend, as instructed, so I have used my felt chair to aid in nose drainage.
I'm not sure if it would be wise to employ an actual chair to assist you in real life drainage though. Do have some sort of hanky on hand as there is going to be water and boogies that come out in your inverted state.
My scanner has been acting up. I realized that the shadows were going the "wrong way" (on this one and some of the past ones) but it was such a pain to try to get it running again with out a reboot that I didn't. Plus I didn't want to recreate the past ones just to be picky about shadows.   Being a lazy saves time and stress!

There is going to be some downtime this weekend/coming week while hosting stuff is sorted out.

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