With realistic rectum

Oct. 10th, 2005

There's a bad vermiform appendix gene that comes from my late grandfather (the Lithuanian one). Three out of seven of his grandchildren, and numerous relatives on that side, have had to go into emergency surgery to get them removed.
Of the grandchildren, two of them are my siblings. The other, my cousin, had his removed last night.. Which gets me thinking about my siblings' ordeals.

In 1989 my sister got sick, went to the emergency room complaining of pain in the lower right side. They poked her side, found no sign of inflamed appendix, said it was nothing, sent her home. She got worse.. on new years day (now the year 1990) she had to be rushed back. At that point she was running a high fever and in pretty bad shape. They did some more in depth tests than the gut poke and found that her appendix was about to pop, and removed it. Luckily her recovery went okay. They said that her appendix was very abnormal, and went backwards instead of forwards.. making the "poke test" useless.

In 1999 my brother got sick, went to the doctor complaining of pain in the lower right side. They poked it, found no sign of inflamed appendix, said it was nothing, sent him home. He got worse..  on new years eve (on the cusp of 2000) he was rushed to the emergency room. They did not need to do more tests because they could tell that he was in really bad shape and that his appendix had already ruptured. They ended up having to remove more than a half foot of his bowels and what the doctor claimed was a mass the size of a soft ball. His recovery did not go well. He got a severe infection, they had to lance open the site.. so he had an incision on his stomach that was about 5 inches long and what seemed several inches deep. Many thought he wouldn't make it. He now has a scar on his stomach, we call it the "gut butt" as it looks stunningly like an ass crack.

So this is for my own personal reference, since I sometimes forget which side the appendix is on.. it's on the RIGHT side.
With realistic rectum
And if I ever have severe pain in the lower right side (and I'm guessing it's going to happen around new years 2009/2010) and I get told that it's NOTHING, I'm going to tell them to take another look. Then they'll laugh at me after I tell them this story, thinking I'm making stuff up since it all sounds too coincidental.. send me home, and then I'll probably die.

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