Shuck nuts

Oct. 11th, 2005

It is that time of year.. the time when squirrels go nuts. There's a black walnut tree about twenty feet from the bottom of the stairs going up to our apartment. They've started to fall off the tree now, in fact I've had to park my car elsewhere to keep them from falling and making lovely nut-dents on the roof.

Squirrels like to find themselves a nice place to husk their nuts, or so I've read. A place with a good vantage point that they can keep an eye out for stuff while they pull away the pesky hull from their treats they save for winter. Seems at least one of them has chosen the steps to our apartment to do such, made evident by the piles of nut hulls accumulating. I've run into the little bugger on my way out, it's a grey squirrel..
Shuck nuts
Most of the squirrels in this area are grey ones. There's some red ones, and black ones.. but I found out recently something quite surprising (to me).. Black squirrels are actually just a variation of grey squirrels, they are the same species.

Makes you think...sort of. I don't think it's from eating black walnuts though.

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