[things added in to be depressing/defeatist]

Oct. 21st, 2005

Argh.. yes.. erratic updates, they are great.
And ofcourse, the obligatory "No, I'm not [quite] dead [yet]".

I guess it's time I address it, since some [3] people have asked what the deal is. I'm not going to update 7 days a week for now [and possibly ever]. Firstly, it seems like everyone I've talked to has volunteered up the fact that they haven't been reading Felt Up lately and have sort of fallen behind [it's a chore]. If I update less frequently then this won't be such a problem, as the material won't mound up so fast [the way shit tends to do] and there's less to fall behind on.

Also.. it's sort of like one of those supply and demand type deals..  Like the beginning of pie making season.. some days I won't make pies, just to make people want the pie more [nothing depressing can be added to pie desires]. The next day there would be a pie buying frenzy. I guess this really doesn't apply though, I'm not selling anything..I just wanted to talk about pie.

Reason #2: Life is Suck.
[things added in to be depressing/defeatist]
This is a felt flower that a bunny on my dresser holds. I [not so]skillfully removed the bunny hands from the scan via compootar as some people [1 person] was offended by the non-felt in the previous post. Anywho.. The bunny was given to me by my first friend who was a boy, Jimmy. We met in kindergarten, I'd go to his house and play a lot. He had many cool toys, like Voltron, and Master's of the Universe action figures. We'd listen to Fleetwood Mac records and jump on the bed with plastic golf clubs pretending to play guitar and sing along with the music, with mostly our own words..

No spell/proof reading today, sorry catman.

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