But I did eventually find myself..

Oct. 28th, 2005

I have lost myself. My felt-self. I was on the scanner a few days ago, but then I must have thrown my felt-self somewhere when I scanned this cool tie I found that had little embroidered foxes on it..

So.. I sort of had to change the plans for the felting.. It was going to be yet another one of my classic reactions to my greatest antagonist, a stinkbug.

The other day it was raining and I noticed the plaster was sagging in the bedroom as the landlord has yet to get to the missing shingles on the roof.
Eep! I poked a hole in it and water came into a pot I had placed specifically for the drip. Then, I wanted to get the heater on to try to dry the plaster out, since there seemed to be some deadly mold going on as well, but this meant lots of cleaning and the removal of the air conditioner.

That was when it was discovered. After the duct tape holding the air conditioner was removed the stinkbug came creeping out from a crevasse. I battled the critter as the air conditioner hung in the balance of the window sill, which the bugger hid under.. I took some duct tape and tried to poke it over to the side, careful not to release the stink. Then when the moment was right, I gently squeezed it into the duct tape and then released it out the open window.
But I did eventually find myself..
Sadly, this is not the only stinkbug incident to occur in the past weeks.. and as it gets colder our run-ins are bound to increase.

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