Nov. 8th, 2005

Oh ma gawd, the internet has been down for over 24 hours. After the first 12 hours we started to go a bit crazy with many suicidal thoughts.  I've fallen a bit behind on the contest scoreboard, but that will be righted by the end of the day.

The good news is that I spent some of the time working on some felt friends, and so there may actually be more than two updates this week.

I forget what day it was, but it was leeg's birthday, he is one of my interweb pals. There were plans to play fun games into the evening to celebrate. Sadly I had to leave early due to a severe headache caused by a visit from the Mormons (again), which forced me to nod and smile politely for a half hour in my driveway while I tried to convince them that I could never be one of them. Elder Allerd and Elder T. were their names. Elder T. was from Samoa and wasn't much of a talker. There were ladybugs attacking us during all of this, which added amusement and great amounts of swatting. They were both very nice though so it was hard not to grin while talking to them.  All the smiling took its toll on my jaw (TMJ problem) which caused the headache which caused me to puke from the pain. Yay!

But fun was still had without me. Apparently even catman joined in and they were able to capture the stuff in the forest map far more times then when I was playing.

I have no idea what leeg looks like, so I've made him look like the retired Dutch MMA legend, Bas "El Guapo" Rutten. Kinda looks like Astroboy too. It's not completely random, leeg frequently attends fun gaming sessions with the handle [SFB]RUTTEN.
These are talking points I used while with the Mormons that may be helpful for others (please do not send hate mail to me if you are a Mormon, thanks):

- Sure God may have sent prophets to America, but why would he have you [Mormons] kill a bunch of settlers? (they pretended not to know about this)
- But I like coffee/tea. (They said to drink hot chocolate)
- Why yes, I have owned a book of Mormon, I never read it.. but I did look at the pictures.
- What about those funny underpants you wear? You know.. the Temple Garments with the masonic symbols over the nipples (this is a big secret that they wouldn't talk about and they got a little offended)

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