Holiday Spirits

Nov. 19th, 2005

Most of the snow melted today, and I went food shopping with my mum. We happened to end our food seeking journey at a plaza that had a booze store.
"Let's go get some Vodka!" Mother suggested.
How could I argue with that?

So we went in, picked up a couple of the cheapest bottles of vodka they had (cause the magic vodka machine makes it not so cheap tasting) and proceeded to the check out.
My mom, her being a talker, put the bottles on the counter and started saying how she needed to get her "Holiday Cheer" before there was a rush. That's when a little old lady, probably at least in her 70s, standing behind me started bitching about the holidays.
"Forget the Holidays, I need this stuff everyday." she said with a smirk.
It was then that I noticed that she was buying a huge gallon bottle of wine.
I actually exchanged some remarks with her about the Holidays; we seemed to have similar bah-humbug feelings for them. "Yes, I need spirits to get me in the spirits!" I said, and we both chuckled to.
Holiday Spirits
As we left the store, the lady put her purchase on the counter and informed the cashier that she was on their frequent buyers discount list.

It made me sort of sad, but I was still left with a smile.

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