A prelude to stew

Dec. 17th, 2005

I woke up this morning (or by many people's standards, this afternoon) to find my computer notifying me that my Network cable was unplugged. I checked and found it to be very much plugged in at both ends. Then I saw that the gate to the bathroom was askew, though the bunnies were contained.
Kiwi Puff had managed to escape and get behind the television, where ALL the cords (tv, console games, many many cords coming out of the swtich, power cords galore) are, chewed up the cat-5 running to my computer, then managed to get back into the bathroom..

A prelude to stew
Seriously, this was evil enough.. but then on entering the bathroom I found that there was massive quantities of stink-ick-mushy Kiwi poop smeared all over the bathroom floor. It was enough to gag a maggot

(side note)
Contestants: Sorry for the lack of updates to the scoreboard, I promise I will get to it this week. I won't even bother you with an excuse as to why I haven't lately. Also, my spell check has been broke ever since FireFox 1.5 came out (hint).

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