Little difference between priceless and costless

Dec. 24th, 2005

Jesus called...
..Christmas is cancelled.

The tree my parents cut down from their woods has gone undecorated. I've piled my gifts to the family under the tree with the others. Easy to tell mine apart, since they're the ones wrapped in gold paper and covered in masking tape, since I don't own any of that fancy clear tape.
Little difference between priceless and costless
The gifts I'm giving are mainly comprised of items I found around our apartment. Some barely used sketchbooks for brother, some cookie cutters for sis..that sort of thing. They really don't seem like much, I'm sure. Hopefully they'll realize that they were items I owned and enjoyed, and giving means a little more than going out and purchasing them something.

Correction and update to the previous comic: drilling actually occured on the blue part of the eye, not the white.. However, he seems fine and is home with me and the bunnehs.

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