maybe even both.

Dec. 31st, 2005

Wow, end of the week and I've yet to make a post.. end of the year so I feel extra obligated to.

Since there was no post-christmas wrapup, I guess I'll do that now.
Let me say.. when you tell everyone who asks you what you want for christmas "socks!" you will get fewer socks than any previous Christmas. Didn't even get enough socks to get me through a week! Looks like I will have to darn some holey socks.. not the damning sort of darn, but the mending sort.

But I guess holes in my socks aren't that big a deal because I've spent much of my time since Christmas sleeping on the two inches of that "memory foam" stuff to go ontop of my "old fashioned spring mattress" that I got.. mostly due to a head cold, plus it's way comfy stuff. Closest thing out there to sleeping on a marshmallow.

Plans for tonight include either Cold Duck or Asti Spumante..
maybe even both.
I always imagine something besides sparkling wine/champagne when the names are mentioned. I thought Spumante sounded Italian but then figured it to be french since that's where Champagnes are from, by definition. I did some looking into it though (after I'd already placed a stereotypical french beany atop my Spumante-Man). It is indeed Italian sparkling wine.


See you in twenty aught six.

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