I hope this doesn't piss anyone off

Jan. 8th, 2006

Whoopsiedoodle! Can't believe I skipped a whole week with no felt up. I am going to attempt to post something every day this week.

This morning I woke up to the pleasantly macabre site of one of my two mouse traps set off. There is nothing I enjoy about killing things (save stink bugs), but my compulsion not to have small critters who can't control their bowels running about far surpasses my distaste for mouse-icide. I acted fast as soon as I saw the "calling cards".

It did get a good meal though before it's death. I'd set both traps with tastey natural peanut butter because I don't particularly like the kind with the partially hydrogenated oils in them. The peanut butter was almost my downfall.. it's not very sticky stuff. The mouse was able to lick the one trap clean with out even setting it off.

The second trap.. not so lucky.
I  hope this doesn't piss anyone off
It was licked clean, like the first.. but the jaw of the mouse were firmly clenched around the trigger device as if hoping it was a tastey morsel. I feel bad, I'm sure some one will contact me and tell me there's humane mouse traps out there and yadayada.. Oh well. The dollar store uptown does not sell them, and time was a factor.

Anywho.. I figured if I put a real mouse in the trap here it would be a bit too creepy, so it's the other sort of mouse.. although it seems a poor tribute and sort of look like a tampon a bit. Oh well.

And that's how my day so far has been.

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