The Joys of Being a Hermit

Feb. 10th, 2006

There's so many splendid things about not wanting to leave the house to buy a loaf of bread and making one instead... I hardly know where to begin.
The Joys of Being a Hermit
During the bread making process you get to punch the dough repeatedly, so it knows that you're boss (and also to get rid of giant air pockets, I guess). Then, while it bakes, you are treated to it's air freshening powers. If it's winter (as it is now) you get some extra warmth! I've enjoyed many an ass warming from the oven after the bread has finished it's baking. Customization of bread is also possible when you make it yourself. Personally, I like to make wheat raisin cinnamon swirl bread. Finally, you get to practice the almost lost art of slicing bread, and as we all know...activities that involve knives make me squeal with delight.

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