Always puff your brisket during an interview

Feb. 22nd, 2006

The itchy rash has subsided, although the area is still very red, dry and irritated. However, the meeting went extremely well.. though honestly it seems like it's too good to be true.
Always puff your brisket during an interview
Oh.. and I my hair is no longer three feet long.. I figured if I had hideous red rash remnants on my face I could atleast try to look be less of a sweaty palmed dirty hobo by getting the rattiness cut off the end. I also didn't forget to "puff my brisket" instead of slouching like I normally do.

The lack of hair certainly has many advantages and disadvantages. It doesn't weigh as much (especially after showers), dries faster, I/others/things don't get tangled in it, strangers won't comment about its amazing length when I go out in public, and easier to brush. On the downside: my back is cold, Cousin It impression not as good, and not as fun to felt.

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