Kicked out (part 2)

Mar. 9th, 2006

...into a bigger room!
Kicked out (part 2)

With my feelings about hygeine changed because of the disgusting rash, I decided that the bathroom needed to become a sanctuary of cleanliness. This meant bunny exile.
It was always sort of sad that Mr. Boot and Kiwi lived in the bathroom together but only Kiwi enjoyed the entire room, while Mr. Boot sat sadly on the rug due to his fear of lava (aka tile floor).

So now they are living in the spare bedroom, which took a great deal of bunny proofing to protect oodles of wiring, but was well worth it. Both of them are able to traverse the region, and the extra space will hopefully also help out the pudge buckets.

The rash continues.. it heals in certain places and comes back in others.. Depending on how it looks tomorrow, I will decide on if it is time to go to a Doctor, or sit around and wait for death.

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