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Mar. 24th, 2006

Q: Where has Sandy been?
A: Right here, I swear!
Q: What about the rash?
A: Well, pretty much I'm a complete idiot who should have gone to a doctor instead of trying to treat myself, and ended up giving myself a second type of rash which is almost gone now save a cracked lip and some wackiness on the corners of my mouth. I appreciate everyone who sent helpful emails and well wishes, but really I should have just been yelled at.
Q: Why hasn't there been a new Felt Up in eons?
Free civ!
Q & A
Q: What the hell is that ^ supposed to be?
A: It's an ingame screen shot of my freeciv tileset (still in progress).
Q: Why would you abandon large portions of your life to spend playing a game?
A: Who knows!
Q: No really, why?
A: Remember that jobby-deal stuff I was talking about before.. well it turns out that I will probably be working, maybe even full time, as soon as next week. So that's my excuse for filling up on gaming now.

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