The day after April fools day

Apr. 4th, 2006

I foolishly did not patch the gate up, even after I made the previous felting about it. Some how on April Fool's night, whilst we slept, Kiwi managed to hoist herself up and out of the seemingly too small hole they'd chewed 14 inches off the ground.
The day after April fools day
The furry little ball of evil managed to work her way into the nerve center of our apartment with the goal of destruction.

Here is the list of the victims (plus naughty level/comments) [and repair]:
2 AV cables (one of which was gold plated thus getting extra naughty points)[garbage]
1 Audio cable (50+feet = SUPER naughty)[repaired and electrical taped]
1 Coaxial Cable(didn't get too far into it so it still seems to work)[taped]
2 phone cords(I could care less since I hate phones)[1 garbage, 1 re-ended]
1 Pink 75 foot cat5 cable (YOU DON'T CHEW THREW A GAL'S PINK CAT5 AND EXPECT TO GET AWAY WITH IT!!! +100 NAUGHTY POINTS)[re-ended, thank goodness for the crimp tool, but it ain't 75' no more]
DVD Player electrical cord (death wish?)[repaired and electrical taped]
Extension cord(death wish?)[not repaired, ready and waiting to catch the apartment on fire, waiting for the PCs hooked up to be shut down so it can be taped.. I hate working on live wires]
Game Cube AV hook up(well, she's lucky that the SNES/n64/GC AV hook ups seem to all be interchangable, but it still pisses me off a great deal)[repaired and electrical taped, but SNES hookup being used]

So, in closing, I'm an idiot.
But atleast everything works.

Also, no jobby  job yet.. Apparently the "HR" (human resources) part is what the hold up is.

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