Neither religious nor superstitious

Apr. 16th, 2006

It was Good Friday and while awaiting the preparation of a fish stick dinner at my parents', which my sister, brother in law and niece had traveled a distance to attend, I'd decided to go out and search for the first four leaf clovers of the season.
I settled into a nice patch of lawn about 50 feet from the house and immediately found some non-bug eaten extra leafed clovers. After collecting five of them, I noticed my parents' dog, Willow, running back and forth along the rear wall of the house as if he'd found something very good. Then some noticeably non-dog squawking occurred. The noise sent me up to my feet and headed in his direction. He'd gotten into a nest of bunnies whose mum had unwisely placed her nest against the wall of the garage.

Of course I didn't want to lose my first clovers of the season, so I carefully picked up each squawking babeh-bun and stuck it back in the nest while still clutching to my clovers. To keep the dog from coming near them, I gave him "the look", the same one that women have used for ages to show men folk their displeasure at a situation. He responded with cowering, as he should have!
Neither religious nor superstitious
There ended up being five buns total, three which had fled the nest. I went back every 10 minutes to find one or two of them escaped, so I captured and tucked them back in the nest until they eventually stopped their foolishness and all stayed in.
Luckily mom-buns don't care too much about human stink, and only visit their babies at night time, so they should hopefully be fine.

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