I hate mustard.

May. 1st, 2006

It was at camp that I really learned to loathe mustard. I'd always distrusted it as a condiment, not like ketchup...or is it catsup? Either way, that's one colored squeeze bottle sauce I can trust, even if it has several aliases.

Part of the structured life at camp involved eating in a "mess hall" with all the other campers. Each day it was a different cabin's turn to do food stuff. Half of the cabin had to take all the food stuff and serving stuff to the table, the other half had to clean up all of the stuff. When it was our turn, I did clean up.

I don't really know the reason why they did it, but all the condiments.. ketchup, mustard, mayo.. even peanut butter and jelly.. were all served in a big bowl, each table (for each cabin) getting their own big bowl. I don't understand why they couldn't just have a bottle of mustard for each table and refill the bottle with their crappy camp-grade mustard. We never came close to using all the mustard in the bowl.

So.. I was taking this big bowl of mustard back into the kitchen, the last thing that needed to be cleaned up, and I dropped it.
I hate mustard.
Luckily my cabin mates all scurried off to their next scheduled camp activity and they didn't have to witness me mop up the horrible puddle of stinky icky mustard.

Someday, Mustard, I will get my revenge.

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