I'm an impressive hypochondriac

Jul. 19th, 2006

Sheesh. Stress.
And it's so sad that no one at work seems to be a Simpsons fan..cause like.. you know that one episode where Homer is trying to supress his rage and it ends up causing wacky lumps on his neck?

I've got this wacky lump on my neck all of the sudden. No, it's not a lymph node. It's like.. right behind my jaw sort of. I really think it's the same thing, and I'm assuming that like Homer, it will eventually kill me unless I release all my anger onto something.
I'm an impressive hypochondriac

Self diagnoses: parotid gland tumor, 20% chance of cancer. Hurray for the internet!
Okay, so I guess maybe I should go to the Doctor for this.. Bah.

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