Hurray for old people

Nov. 9th, 2006

One of the drawbacks (in my opinion) of living in the city is having lots of neighbors. We live in a newly built complex with 12 other apartments. I haven't met her yet, but apparently the neighbor below us is a silver haired old lady with a cane who is very hard of hearing, doesn't have a vehicle, and stands by her door all day waiting for the mail man to come.
Hurray for old people
This was great to find out, especially the hard of hearing part. Now we don't have to worry about doing "things" loudly and disturbing the neighbor below, and since she doesn't seem to have a man, we don't have to worry about her doing "things" loudly and disturbing us. Hurray!

Although, you never know.. seems like most the people living in the building are old people, and maybe she'll hook up with some old dude (or heck, maybe even another old woman) and they will do old people "things" together.

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