I censor myself

Nov. 10th, 2006

All those darn investigative report shows (20/20, Dateline, etc) cause mountains of paranoia.

Like with me, and this new apartment.. I've got a major fear that there are hidden cameras taping my every move. It didn't help when my mom came to check the place out and said something about hidden cameras, without me even mentioning my concerns about them. She said to pull down all the light fixtures and smoke detectors and check to see if they had cameras hidden in them. Sheesh!

I did get a suggestion from an Interweb pal (props to Noser) about my fears though; get naked and dance around the apartment with a phrase not yet appearing on Google on me, and then Google the phrase to see if it shows up.
I censor myself
Of course I can't tell you what the phrase is, cause then there's the chance it'll propagate itself across the net, making it harder for me to find myself dancing around naked, so I have censored it!

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