Dec. 16th, 2006

We'd been getting weird ice blobs next to the door that goes out to our deck, not on the outside though, on the inside! They were near the molding, and froze into the carpet.

I was trying to figure out what the deal with them was. I thought maybe sweeping the deck off and getting the snow away from the door would help with it a bit, but when I got done sweeping the deck and tried to come back in and realized the door was locked. Oh no! We live on the second floor, and since my man was at work and wouldn't be home for another four hours, it seemed I was stuck.

Then I started thinking of my options..
Stay on the deck for four hours? Didn't seem like a good idea, I didn't have any sort of jacket on, and it was quite cold.
Shimmy down the pole that holds up the deck? Very risky.. even if I could use my hair as some sort of rope and manage to get down, there was still a 10 foot high fence I'd have to jump over that surrounds the back of the apartment complex.
Yell for help to some guy who was delivering pizza supplies to the pizza shop next door? Eeek! That sounded far too embarrassing.


So, I went back to the knob and wiggled it in frustration, then pushed.. and the door opened! Seems I didn't close the door enough to make the lock latch.

..and the ice blobs never returned. :)

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