Slamin' Granny

Jan. 26th, 2007

Our neighbor below us, the deaf old lady, is a quirky lass indeed. I have found out that her first name is actually 'Molly', since one time I was getting stuff out of the back of my car, and she wheeled up from behind me with her little grocery cart and said "BOO! Did I scare ya? I'm Molly!".

She also tends to unintentionally slam into our doorbell when she retrieves her mail. I find this to be a wonderful system, since she seems to be on the look out for the mailman, who comes at various times of the day. So, as soon as the mail comes, I'm alerted to the situation. I can always tell when it's her, because it usually gets rung several times in a row, and the obvious fact that I don't get visitors.

Oh boy, mail is here :]
Slamin' Granny
The only time it bothered me was when she did it at 5:30 AM on a Sunday morning. There's no mail on Sundays, silly Molly!

Recent concerns I have, related to the mail:

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