Mostly for Citation Purposes

Feb. 25th, 2007

Well spiffy, it looks like the site is finally back up. It seems there was a mega problem with Felt Up, along with about 350,000 other websites, when Dreamhost decided to take a crap.

No worries though, Dreamhost is still a great service, and it forced me to take a vacation from some of the projects that I've been working on that I don't have any recent copies saved locally. Instead I spent time doing stuff in the real world.

I opened up a fresh new copy of Bust-a-Move DS that I'd gotten at Toys R Us, only to discover that it froze before making it past the splash screen. It was suggested by an Interweb acquaintance that I try the typical cartridge game fixes such as blowing on it, and licking it.
"I'll blow it, but I'm not licking it!!" I protested.
It worked slightly better, I got past the DS splash and to the title screen before it froze up.

So then it was time for a big adventure back to Toys R Us. I thought they were going to give me a hard time about it, but they happily exchanged it for another copy of Bust-a-Move. Of course they had to remove the shrink wrap from it, because they're not allowed to give me a shrink wrapped game if I return a non-shrink wrapped game, that is not an equal exchange. But it was all good, because I wanted to test it out anyway before I left the store, and I did while the clerk filled out the return info. It worked, yippee-skippy!

And let me tell you, I shamefully also own Snood 2 for DS (would not have purchased if it weren't for a bargain bin price) .. Bust-a-Move is WAY better. Snood should just kill itself, or at the very least stay at least 500 yards from consoles/hand helds. Somewhere on the Internet, I believe there is a quote from the developer(s) of Snood that says they ripped the idea from Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move. Shame on them, and shame on me for buying their inferior product.

Anyway, glad the site is back up, and all that.

Mostly for Citation Purposes
This image is mostly for citation purposes. On the left: Leeg, my Interweb chum. In the center.. let's just call him "Slugman". They are having a fun time at the beach.

Hopefully the site stays up for the rest of today and into infinity, and hopefully this posts.

Also: I am glad "The Future" is over. Very tedious stuff!

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