Life's a beach

Feb. 26th, 2007

The cat has been doing better as far as the food regurgitation goes.  It's certainly an eating food too fast problem, since when ever she does it, the food is not chewed at all. I read on the internet that this is a common problem for Siamese, and one brand of food actually makes a special type of food for Siamese with bigger kibble to force them to chew it.

I decided to take her food away at night time because every time she'd make the slightest noise I was afraid she was about to barf on me and it would startle me awake.

Today she threw up on the recliner.

Life is a beach, sometimes.
Life's a beach
By the way, her name is Penny, since I have failed to mention that in the past. She came with the name. She is 5 years old, we got her because she had issues with her previous home (other pets and young children).  I would have named her something else, of course, like Little Miss Pukefest.

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