No Mood for Foolin'

Apr. 1st, 2007

Somebunny decided to prank me in the worst fashion possible. She decided to help clean her litter box, the only fashion she knew how; disassembly it and completely excavating the contents.
No Mood for Foolin'
This proved to be a huge mess to clean up, with poop and hay and fecal dust everywhere. For the record, I use wood stove pellets as litter, which are safe for buns, clump when peed on, and absorb oder like a charm. However, when dug at the clumped material turns into near microscopic particles.

Be forewarned, anyone considering getting a bunny and has their eye on a mini-lop. Read the Sluggy Freelance archives, think hard about your decision, for they are the most evil breed of rabbit put on this earth, with stumpy shovel like front legs and an attitude hellbent on destruction.

I can only hope that tomorrow is not as bad as last year's day after April Fool's event.

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