It was a graveyard smash!

Apr. 15th, 2007

Oh my gosh folks, I've been cameoed in somebody's webcomic! Apparently the webcomic me gets around a lot more than the real me does. Here's a link to it!

My prediction for how it will play out:
It was a graveyard smash!
(we are dancing, I think)

Marko, creator of roomies, is some one I "hang out" with on IRC (hence the use of my IRC handle as the character's name). He's a super nice dude; recently when my computer was busted, he actually sent me a motherboard, cpu and ram. Too bad I'd already spent the money on new parts before I knew this! I sent Marko a breadcrab and a felt pop up card as a thank you, I can only hope that while consuming the breadcrab he proclaimed "Mmmmm Grains"! The parts won't go to waste though, I'm hoping to get a hard drive cleaned up, formated to Windows, and make a Sven Coop server out of it. Strangely, I was playing Sven with Marko when my computer initially died.

What a pain in the ass Sniper from Sven Coop is... No fricken Linux server for Sven. I hope he checks Sven's referral logs. You heard me Sniper, I'm'a callin' you out! >:[

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