Triple B Sadness

Apr. 18th, 2007

I can't believe it took over a month for me to find this out. Andy Sidaris has passed away. For those of you who don't know who Sidaris is, he was a B movie maker. The movies were called "Triple B" for they all featured the 3 things that makes any movie great (all starting with the letter B):
Bullets, Bombs and Babes.
They are the type of movie that play late at night on basic cable stations, and featured Playboy Playmates. Not just for action lovers, they are full of the type of humor that only a B-movie can provide.

The folks in my Day of Defeat clan are very touched by his passing, as many of us using Sidaris film titles as their in-game aliases.

In other news of under-known and under-appreciated famous people, Sasquatch was recently in a car accident and it seems that he may spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair.
Triple B Sadness

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