DS Trauma Center: Under the Screwdriver

May. 29th, 2007

Welp.. car got fixed, got new glasses, so now the only unresolved thing is my DS, but that too will soon be fixed.

About two weeks ago I got the shipping label so I could send the little guy back to Nintendo to be repaired for free, so that means I didn't even have to pay to ship it. Nintendo totally kicks ass!

DS Trauma Center: Under the Screwdriver

Needless to say, I feel very lost with out it, but have been passing the time by playing with my GBA SP (I don't care to look up what the SP means, I just assume it stands for Small Penis). The only problem with playing with a Small Penis is that my hands get fatigued much faster since it's such a narrow device.

** UPDATE ** Just got an email that says the DS is on it's way home and I should get it in 3-5 buisness days. Joy!
** UPDATE (10 minutes later) ** Just went to get the mail and a package from Nintendo was sitting at my doorstep, contents.. one repaired DS. Wow that was fast!

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