Gotta buy and beat them all.. Pokemans!

Jun. 5th, 2007

Wow folks, wow! I don't know if you've ever heard of it before, but I've discovered the most amazing game ever, when I got my DS back from Nintendo. It's called "Pokemon" and I am compelled to capture them all. There's almost 500 Pokemon at this point, and I only have like.. 100! Man I better get to work. The sad news is that I either have to buy and beat some of the older Pokemons or find some schmucks to trade Pokemon with me to get some of the ones I need.
But then by the time the next Pokemon comes out I'll be well on my way to catching the ever growing number of 'em all. It somehow reminds me of my math classes where we studied functions as they approached infinity and such.

My prediction for the next generation of Pokemon includes this amazing creature:
Gotta buy and beat them all.. Pokemans!
National Pokedex Number: #586
Name: Sandork
Evolves from: egg
Evolves into: Sandblob
Type: Normal / Ground
Height:  1.7 m

Sandorks' shriveled arms and legs come from their constant need to play vidya games and lack of other activity.

Here's my pal code thingajig incase any one else out there is into the Poke-ing!
3093 3876 5156

Also.. anyone who was friends with me on other games.. my friend codes changed because they stuck new parts into my DS.. so here they are:

mario kart: 210554-508259
animal crossing: 4424-8274-3393
ff3: 4983-0376-2918 (although it's rather pointless.. and damn that non-qwerty ingame keyboard)

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