Bad Hat Day

Jun. 12th, 2007

When I was a youngin', I had bangs. The main reason was to differentiate myself from my older sister, as we looked very similar and folks were frequently confused as to which was which. So the bangs helped with that matter.

Since my family was into saving money, we got our haircuts at home. One time my mother was trimming my bangs (which didn't happen often, as many photos from my youth will show me with bangs hanging over my eyes) she cut them way too short. Ridiculously embarrassingly short. Crawl under a rock and die short.

I demanded she buy me one of those hats made popular by the TV show "Blossom", a popular series and style of hat at the time.

Bad Hat Day

It looked worse than the bangs.

I learned some valuable things from the event:
  1. Avoid bangs
  2. Avoid hats
  3. Avoid haircuts

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