Suppress this.

Jun. 20th, 2007

I remember my days as tech support at an ISP, telling customers that their modems or computer must have been destroyed by lightning and them trying to argue with me that they couldn't have, because they had a surge protector/suppressor. Then I'd tell them that they only protected so much, so they aren't fool proof protection against lightning and you should unplug things during a storm.

Of course I never unplug anything during storms, and of course yesterday we had an electrical storm, the power went out, and two out of four computers in the house were affected even though they were all on surge suppressors. One of them needs a new power supply, while the other (the one I am using at this very moment) started back up and had absolutely nothing in the startup.
Suppress this.
Doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with it though, all my programs run even though I suspected something catastrophic may have happened to the registry to cause all my items to disappear from startup. Lesson learned, I shall now actually make an effort to unplug things.

In other news, I may have to make a fan art section, because I got some! Check it out! It's from Dan, who is the co-creator of the webcomic Insert Coins. I helped him out with a school project and he gave me this in exchange. He got an A on that project, I hear. Awesometastic!

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