I'm usin' the interweb!

Jun. 25th, 2007

Well, I believe I've finally kicked my Pokemon problem for the time being. It took several doses of other games to treat it, although I still have the urge to go check my berries, and see if my trade went through.

For now I've been switching between SimCity DS and the DS web browser. I'm glad to see that all of my own websites are usable and readable on the DS, and it's fun to sit outside on the deck and surf away. What fun!
I'm usin' the interweb!

Sadly, it seems like a lot of webcomics aren't readable, and it seems to have a lot to do with the file format. As far as I can tell, anything that's GIF is fine, but JPG and PNG comics frequently have text that's not readable, even when zoomed in.

Case studies:
Bear and Kitten ( south20th.com ) - Readable, non-compressed (according to Bear) JPG
Pimp Cow ( pimpcow.com ) - Readable, compressed GIF
Quarter Four ( quarter-four.com ) - Garbled Text JPG
Roomies ( roomiescomic.com ) - Garbled Text JPG ( but if you squint you can make out the words)
Dinosaur Comics ( qwantz.com ) - Garbled incomplete text PNG

So.. I'm not sure, but  text size and compression seem to be a big factor in it.

Update: After many many tests (1, 2, 3, 4), I've found out it's a dimensional thing (results from the fourth test all formats were garbled, all other tests had clear text). That is, if you have more than a certain number of pixels in your comic, it becomes garbled. I'm guessing there's some sort of magic number of pixels out there that will cause your text to not be garbled, and probably some other nerd on the net has already figured it out. It's not just 'too wide' that's the problem, as vertical comics such as Girly ( go-girly.com ) also suffer from the same problem.

Update 2: OCD has gotten the better of me.. and I have found the "sweet spot" that destroys an image's text. It's between 307,200 and 307,207 pixels. So if you're wondering "Gee, is my comic text going to be readable on the DS browser?" multiple the width and the height of your image, if it's more than 307,200, then your text is going to look like crap.

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